Motivational Speaker for NAJA Women's Conference

funny motivational speakersOn May 6, 2017, I am a motivational speaker for the National Association of Junior Auxiliaries ( NAJA) Conference in Memphis, TN.
NAJA is a volunteer women's organization that assumes a leadership role in meeting community needs. These dedicated volunteers focus on helping support children in the community.  NAJA's slogan is "Care Today - Character Tomorrow."
The women of NAJA organize, coordinate and support programs and initiative for children throughout North America.
There are 98 active chapters in 7 states, with over 15, 000 members. 
This inspiring organization started in 1941 by Dr. Montgomery and Dr. Gamble. These Dr.'s saw the daily hardships of underprivileged children and worked one by one to help and support them. They reached out to the community for donations and built a strong following of volunteers. Eventually, using the Junior League Model, this community of women grew, and their impact on children's lives was felt by many.
The other motivational speakers for the conference include Richard Guerry speaking about Cyber Safety.
Motivational speaker Jimmy Wayne is a former foster kid turned country music star. He will share his inspiring Story. 
We will also hear from Guest Speaker Jeff McManus, the Director o Landscaping at the University of Mississippi. He will weave ideas about growing plants to growing and developing people.
I look forward to being the opening funny motivational speaker for the NAJA conference. I will also present a workshop session called, I Love My Job, it's the People I Can't Stand!
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