Motivational Speaker for Mount Royal University Staff Association

motivational speaker calgaryOn May 10, 2016, I am a motivational speaker for the Mount Royal University Staff Association in Calgary, Alberta. Mount Royal has been educating students for over 100 years. Today, over 12,000 students take a variety of degrees, diplomas and certificate programs. 

The theme of this professional development day for the university staff is 360 Degrees- You're More Than Your Job! This theme speaks to wellness and balance and is intended to inspire staff to remember their life is more than their work and not to get bogged down with stress. 

The University Staff are weathering continual staff cut backs and organizational change. Many employees feel stretched to their limits, doing much more work with fewer resources. The hard working audience will be comprised of administrative staff, assistants, management and academic advisors. 

The event goal is not to shove the mantra, be the best you can be, down their throat, because most staff already are working to their max. Instead, we plan to focus on encouraging staff members to focus on taking care of themselves, renewing and focusing on wholeness and interests outside of their job. 

Given the stress this audience is under, this team has really pulled together and deserves to be appreciated for their work. Through the motivational speech, This Would be Funny if it Wasn't Happening to Me, my goal is laugh with them, encourage them and appreciate them for their uniqueness. 

The other funny motivational speakers are Tamara Gaudet and Sunjay Nath. It should be a very inspirational day!

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