Motivational Speaker for Human Resources Professionals Association

HRPA motivational speakersOn January 20, 2016, I am a motivational speaker for the Human Resources Professionals Association Conference in Toronto, Ontario. This is the premiere event for HR professionals in Canada.

The line up of Keynote speakers for Canada's largest HR conference is world class.

The list of motivational keynote speakers includes: David Rock speaking about driving performance through neuroscience, economist Benjamin Tal speaking about linking economics to HR, Rex Murphy is doing a compelling motivational talk about the issues of the day and David Marquet is speaking on creating leadership and engagement.

Pamela Myers will be speaking on Lie Spotting ( how to spot a liar), former olympian, Clara Hughes, will lead a panel on mental health, Anders Sorman-Nilsson will talk about Digilogue​ ​and David Usher will do the closing motivational keynote on how to bring creatvity to the work you do.

This is the second time I have served as a speaker for the HRPA conference. The audience, comprised of leading HR professionals from across canada, are a warm, interactive, engaging group that craves leadership education.




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