Motivational Speaker for Government of Canada FEDTalks

C7dn602VMAAj9ov.jpgOn March 22, 2017, I was a motivational speaker for the Government of Canada FEDTalks.
This inaugural event was put on by the Southern Alberta Youth Professional Network. 
The event, held at the John Dutton Theatre at the Calgary Central Library, brought approximately 250 Government of Canada employees.
The speech was live-streamed to a handful of other government location throughout Canada. The total number of government employees who watched the event was over 40,000. 
Employees for the government of Canada ranged from Health Canada, Service Canada, Customs and Border Control and more. The largest number of participants came from the Canada Revenue Agency.
The purpose of the event is to create awareness around change and wellness. I presented the motivational speech; This Would be Funny if it wasn't Happening to Me! How to Navigate the Future with Humor, Enthusiasm, and Vigor. 
We started off talking about the contribution government employees make to increase and sustain the quality of life in Canada. Next, we talked about change, and how different generations tend to move through ( or resist ) change. Next, we focused on how to motivate people at different levels. Finally, we talked about the power humor has to decrease stress and create balance, rapport, and awareness.
It was an incredibly enthusiastic, fun loving group. They are mostly accountants, and they loved to laugh. 

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