Motivational Speaker for Government Finance Officers Association

thumb-ConferenceImage35.JPGOn November 17, 2014 I am a motivational speaker for the Alaska Government Finance Officers Association. The event held in Anchorage Alaska will bring over 120 government finance professionals from across Alaska.

This unique group are responsible for managing and overseeing finances in their municipalities. Any budget requests for snow removal, emergency services, city planning, etc all go through these professionals.

This audience, mostly in leadership positions deal with everyday staffing issues like morale, dealing with different generations etc. They also report to elected officials.

One of the biggest challenges with government is the constant drive to do more work with fewer resources. Every professional is trying to squeeze more productivity into every work hour.

Alaska is not immune to political actionl and government finance officials are strongly affected. An election just passed in Alaska whereby a democratic government replaced a republican one. Other polical action in Alaska in the legalization of pot and an increased minimum wage.

Oil and gas is one of the larger industries in Alaska and because the price of oil has dropped, so has government revenue.

I look forward to being a motivational speaker for the Government Finance Officers Association. I will deliver the motivational speechs I Love My Job, its the People I Can't Stand and This Would be Funny if it Wasn't Happening to Me!

The other guest speakers for the government finance officers are Cynthia Weed, Paul Jarvis, Scott Gardner and more. See the Schedule.

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