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On May 18. 2017, I am a motivational speaker for the Family Health Centers in Okanogan, Washington.

For the event, held at the Okanogan Fairgrounds Agriplex Building, Family Health Centers will close down all clinics and draw in over 200 health care providers.

Family Health Centers was established in 1985 with the mission to provide high-quality health care services to all Okanogan County, regardless of their ability to pay.

Family Health Centers offers a diverse range of primary and preventive health care services such as adult and child medical care, dental care, obstetrics, internal medicine, lab, WIC (Women, Infants & Children), and pharmacy.

Family Health Centers has locations in Bridgeport, Omak, Okanogan, Brewster, Oroville, Tonasket, and Twisp.

Many providers are dealing with lower income patients, who don't have the resources or time to take care of their health needs. Thus, they can support them through some challenging health issues.

This mission-driven group of providers focuses on holistic healthcare. They believe in empowering patients to take care of themselves and act as full partners in a patient's care. Their care model is less sick patient disease focused and more towards the whole person medicine approach.

I am looking forward to being an opening funny motivational speakers for the Family Health Centers All Staff Meeting. I will present the program The Joy of the Job for Healthcare Professionals.

We will spend re-invigorating our purpose and passion for serving patients. We will reinforce team building and drive up group energy.

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