Motivational Speaker for Career Educators

feature-conference-2014On November 23, 2014,  I was a motivational speaker for the Career Education Society. The event, held at the Four Seasons Hotel in Vancouver, BC will drew over 400 educators from across BC.

Career educators have the unique job of helping students navigate their post secondary career options. Less than 10% of high school graduates actually go to university, yet our education system is designed to funnel people in this direction. Career Educators assist students in coop work experiences to help them determine what career path they can take.

Career Educators support the community, industry and post secondary schools to helps students get into their programs and understand various career options. Often career education falls into the lap of a teacher who may be teaching any subject matter.

Priority tends to go to traditional subjects like math, science or language arts. The only manditory career education course is called Planning 10, which is now being reformatted to be completed online. Career educators are strong advocates for helping students understand their options. They run into many barriers including getting and keeping government funding and support for their programs.

I really enjoyed being the opening motivational speaker for the career educators conference. It was a really engaged and fun audience of hard working teachers.

I presented the closing keynote motivational speech Follow Me, I'm Right Behind You... How to Influence Others to help career educators in their quest to influence students, teachers and the community



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