Motivational Speaker for Carbon County School District

On September 1,2015, I was a motivational speaker for the carbon county school district one. Over 365 educational staff attended.

The event held at the Rawlins, Wyoming high school auditorium brought together staff from all 7 schools in the carbon county district. The audience included teachers, teaching assistants, principles, custodians, food service staff, acquatics staff, school nurses and more.

Rawlins, Wyoming ( population just under 10,000) houses the Wyoming state penitentiary; thus some of the students come from families where one parent is in prison. Many of these families struggle to get by.

Often it is the student who suffers the most, and school may be their only safe haven.

These dedicated, hard working staff look for every opportunity to lift students up to ensure they all get equal opportunity for a promising future.

Carbon county school district one has improved test scores drastically over the last several years with the help of their new superintendent, Fletcher Turcato.

It is amazing to see how good leadership can transform a community. In an area where students have no advantage, they still score better than other districts. This is something to be proud of.

I really enjoyed being the opening motivational speaker for the school district. I presented the motivational speech, This Would be Funny of it Wasn't Happening to Me. to embrace Change and a new school year with enthusiasm and Vigor.
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