Motivational Speaker for Canadian Wildlife Service

FUNNY MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKERSOn September 13, 2017, I am a motivational speaker for the Canadian Wildlife Services, Prairies Region Event.
This group of 65 passionate biologists conserve species and protect habitat and wildlife in Canada.
Environment and Climate Change Canada plays a vital role in caring for our natural heritage. The work involved protects migratory birds, counts and identify endangered species, work with stakeholders ( like landowners and Ottawa), monitors water fowl and more to protect the environment on behalf of Canadians.
Speaking with a couple of biologists, this is a very easy going group that is very passionate about their work. Many biologists have grown up with a fascination for beetles, snakes, birds and more and naturally find themselves drawn to the work.
The best part of the job is field work, which involves counting birds and other wildlife. Biologists go into the field to make a difference and are committed to conservation.
As public servants, this crowd works behind the scenes to protect our environment but are often taken for granted.
Some of the challenges the audience face are increased policy and paperwork, landowners who don't appreciate federal regulations or responding to the demands from Ottawa that often require a short turn around and drive priorities.
The focus of the event is workplace wellness. This group has growing workloads, increased regulations and often feel underappreciated for their contribution.
I look forward to being a funny motivational speaker for the Canadian Wildlife Services. I will present the session; This Would be Funny if it Wasnt Happening to Me! How to Navigate your Future with Enthusiasm and Vigor.

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