Motivational Speaker for Camrose Alberta Women's Conference

motivational speaker for womenOn April 10, 2015 I am a motivational speaker for the Camrose Alberta Celebrating Women Conference. The conference will draw over 200 women from across alberta.
The event held at the Camrose Regional Exhibition is in it's 17th year and is a favorite for many alberta women who love to laugh, connect and shop! The Exhibition will host many unique vendors with some creative specialty shopping items.
The other dynamic motivational speakers for the womens conference are Shirley Borrelli speaking on Business Casual Made Easy and Janet Podleski with her motivational speech, How to Eat, Shrink and Be Merry!
The Mistress of Ceremonies for the womens event is Jackie-Rae Greening.
Tickets for the Women's conference are $75 and can be purchased here.

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