Motivational Speaker for Arizona County Treasurers

On March 25, 2015,  I am a motivational speaker for the Arizona County Treasurers Conference in Yuma, Arizona. Over 60 county treasurers from across arizona will attend this annual event.
County treasurers manage the overall counties' treasury department. Their mission is to keep the community safe and vibrant by collecting property taxes in a timely, meaningful way. These taxes are used to take care of the community. After it is collected tax money is divided up into different departments in the county.
The treasury department made up of the treasurer, the cheif deputy and city clerks who collect property taxes ( as well as some other key financial positions). These elected officials have the final say on property taxes.
A key challenge for the group is communicating to tax payers and providing friendly customer service. Generally, people do not want to visit their county treasurers office as it means paying their taxes. Thus, clerks can be burnt out, dealing with disgruntled customers.
The industry is also seasonal as property tax bills usually go out in september.
Half the audience make up will be county treasurers and the other half industry vendors like investment managers, credit card processing vendors banks and printers.
I will be the Opening Motivational Speaker for the Arizona County Treasurers doing the motivational speech, The Nerve to Serve Say Hello to Humor. I will also present another motivational speech called, Follow Me I'm Right Behind You!
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