Motivational Speaker for Algoma Public Health

motivational speaker public healthOn June 17, 2015, I was a humorous motivational speaker for the Algoma Public Health Staff Appreciation Day. The day was intended to speak to a theme of resilience and self care to help and support hard working staff.

Over the last couple years, the Algoma Public Health staff and management have been through a lot. The senior leadership has been shuffled around due to unethical incidents on the part of the CEO in 2013. Since this time, their have been several terminiations and resignations in senior leadership.

Thanks to a June 16, 2015, board of health assessors report, the agency looks forward to more accountability, transparency and direction from senior leadership and government.

The audience seemed very buoyant and well humored. It is clear that the staff at Algoma Public Health have worked diligently to keep public health in the community a priority. This is no easy task when the community looks skeptically on the public health groups senior leadership.

The resilient agency staff have worked hard to create and maintain the programs that have supported Sault Saint Marie, Ontario and surrounding areas.

I enjoyed being a motivational speaker for Algoma Public Health. For the staff I presented the motivational speech, The Nerve to Serve... Say Hello to Humor and Goodbye to Burnout! and I Love my Job, it's the People I Can't Stand.

For senior management, I presented the motivational speech, Follow Me I'm Right Behind You. We delved into the challenges of rebuilding trust on a team. The management team have felt pressure to protect and advocate for their staff ( and public health) while trying to stay on top of changes in senior leadership.

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