Motivational Speaker for Alberta Assessors Association

funny motivational speaker assessorsOn April 28, 2016, I am a humorous motivational speaker for the Alberta Assessors Association at the Marriott River Cree in Edmonton, Alberta.

The event draws in over 350 assessors from across alberta.  The theme of the 56th Annual conference, Assessing the Unkown, speaks to how challenging it can be to assess properties given the current economic state in alberta and how to value properties with flood or contamination issues.

Assessors measure value of all property types from houses to shopping centres to farm land. Assessors place value on property for taxation purposes and consistently work to ensure that property taxes are equitable. These dedicated professionals value property for municipal tax purposes and may work for municipalities, towns and counties.

The Alberta Assessors' Association promotes QUALITY through membership excellence: EQuality, AccoUntablity, EthicAl Behaviour, SeLf-Governance, CommItment, Trust, and ObjectivitY.

There are 3 ways that Assessors determine value, through the sales comparison approach; the cost approach; and the income approach.

Daily, assessors assist with the delivery, administration and evaluation of properties. They value the properties and update related records and notices.

The profession is highly regulated. Currently, the Municipal Government Act Review is creating some unease as it's aim is the centralization of industrial assessment to create equity across the province. Some municipalities, especially rural, are concerned about the implications. 

Conflicts can arise with rate payors ( home owners) disagree with their assessment and wish to appeal. Also, council members can have different priorities and push change- affecting assessments.

I look forward to being the opening humorous motivational speaker for the Alberta assessors conference. I will present the speech, This Would be Funny if it Wasn't Happening to Me!

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