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Leaving a Legacy

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Tue, Sep 08, 2015 @ 01:56 PM

inspirational speakerAlfred was a Swedish chemist who became a millionaire making weapons of warfare. In 1889, his brother Ludvik was killed in one of his dynamite factories. Unfortunately, the newspaper reporter got the two men mixed up and one morning,  Alfred ended up reading his own obituary.

He didn't like what he read. The obituary dubbed him the"merchant of death" making money by bringing others great misfortune. Not liking this legacy, he dedicated his life and considerable fortune to honor acts that benefitted humanity -& the Nobel peace prize was born.

Imagine if you could read your own obituary, would you like what you read?

At a recent dentist conference, I saw a guest speaker talk about building a legacy.
He suggested a legacy is what we leave behind, often in small pieces within people who remember us. It can be an empire, business or something physical but more likely it's the way people think of us when we're gone.

The guest speaker compelled the dentists to transfer their knowledge now. This can be done through writing, mentoring, public speaking and more.
People don't remember us for what we do for ourselves they remember us for what we do for them.

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