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Leadership: Design Team around Solutions Not Power

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Thu, Nov 10, 2016 @ 01:27 PM

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 Many people know they have to change but they also know it's really hard to do. Usually, we change when we have to, it becomes necessary. Groups are hard to change because we organize ourselves in traditional hierarchical structures because it's comfortable.

In reality, to be adaptable, we have to create teams based on function and skill, not power. The best way to stay nimble and innovative is to network people together to solve problems. Refocus and repurpose work based on building solutions to our customer's problems.

Creating team around function will boost morale and enhance teamwork. Cohesiveness and pride grow when you know your work is making a difference and you have the ability to solve problems. Only when team members understand the problem in the same way and have a shared sense of purpose can we truly solve them. Thus, leadership is not about lofty ideas, but about the ability to execute.

On most teams, traditional decision making is slow. It's better to engage team members and help them better understand what we are trying to do.

Bring team members closer to where the decision needs to be executed.

Be transparent and give vital information away. Keeping information close to your chest gives you power over others but it doesn't help the team solve problems. 

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