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Keynote Speaker Mike Walsh

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Wed, Mar 04, 2015 @ 08:02 AM

motivational speakerAccording to the luncheon Keynote Speaker for the Human Resources Professionals Association conference, Mike Walsh, we are now seeing the first generation in history who won't grow up like their parents. Our world will change drastically before most children reach adulthood.

The main reason? Technology. It is shaping our communication patterns, who we interact with, how we buy things, how we make decisions and more.

Just consider how much change technology has propelled from 2007 to today.

In 2007, we were still lining up to buy books, the most popular of which was Harry Potter. When Steve jobs introduced the iPhone and the iPad, we no longer had to go to a bookstore and stand in line. You could read, or listen, to books any time you want. This technology changed our behaviour.

Kids now get iPads at an early age (it's an instant babysitter). Through this technology their patterns and preferences are recorded and fed back to them in an interactive, personalized way.

Consider the future given that kids are raised by this technology. An instrument that can anticipate their needs, record their scores and activity, create an environment most suitable to them and give them immediate gratification.

How can the real world ever compare?

How can a teacher truly engage children when they fight with low attention spans?

How can leaders engage staff when they expect immediate gratification?
How can we get people to get off the couch and attend live events and learn when they can get whatever learning tools they need when and how they need them, anytime they want?

How can we engage people at work when the average employee has better technology in her own personal use then she does in her organization?

As keynote speaker Mike Walsh suggests, Our Next generation is shaped by childhood of technology that will disrupt our future.

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