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I Want to Change, but you Don't Want To 

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Tue, Jul 04, 2017 @ 12:57 PM

funny motivational speakerWe are built for change, from a baby to adulthood, we change constantly.

Yet, at work, there are some colleagues who feel they shouldn't have to deal with change. 

 After being in a career for awhile, many people feel their industry and challenges are unique.

They aren't. Most industries share the same challenges. The patterns are the same everywhere: too much work and not enough resources, work/life balance, leadership succession, change management etc. In most cases, we cling to the past at the expense of the future. 

I think the real challenge ( or opportunity) is we are in a space where nothing lasts long. Industry, policy, and technology are constantly altering the playing field. Things are changing without much of a destination. We change just because the technology is available and because we think we should. 

Also, few people are loyal to their job or to their organization anymore. Many professionals express their frustration, working with people so transient. 

Change requires giving up the old and trying something new. These are two distinct things.


Below are some overall ideas on how to thrive in change:

Tap into your own stability. Courage, conviction and hard work are still the pillars of success.

Be comfortable with ambiguity. Emotional health starts internally, so focus on the positive in change. 


Spread hope to others. Many people feel uncertainty when their role changes or a change is ambiguous.  Fuel employees energy in a way that drives performance. 

Let Go of the Past. Believe that nothing stays the same and it will always evolve. Instead of fuelling anger,  stop resisting challenges. It helps to focus on the positive aspects of change instead of what you have to leave behind. Longevity and predictability are not the best indicators of success.

Rehearsed patterns and beliefs should be challenged, they are often out of date and holding people back. The job of a leader is to help employees see their behaviors and help them move forward. Recognize unconscious biases and how they hold people back.

Don't view change as an interruption, but as a part of what we do. It's not an event that will eventually go away but a permanent part of life.

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