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How We Diminish Others Ideas

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Fri, Feb 24, 2017 @ 02:48 PM

funny motivational speakerHave you ever met those innovative and creative types,  whose intention is to be vocal, raise energy and spread ideas? They can sometimes be draining.  It's not that they think their ideas are better, perhaps they just like hearing their own voice. But eventually patterns emerge whereby they do all the talking,  and we end up chasing their ideas that go nowhere. 

Some leaders are always on, energetic and engaged. They feel their energy is contagious and slowly we tune them out. The problem is, nobody is listening because it's not a two- way conversation.  When most dialogue proves to be just one- way, it doesn't engage others, and they tune out.

Other leaders are rescuers, as they don't like to see others fail or make mistakes. They swoop in and take over, rather than allow someone else to fail. The trouble is, when a manager is too helpful too often, the people around him just rely on his judgment as a default. Clearly, we can't bring out the best in others by solving their problems for them. 

Motivational speaker, Liz Wiseman suggests asking questions and letting other people find the answers, rather than telling others what to do. Instead of throwing your ideas and inspiration at others,  offer ideas and offer a challenge. It is a waste of time to try and get buy- in on a decision that is already made. Most people catch on quickly that if you really wanted their buy-in, you would have asked for it before making the decision.

If you assume that people are smart and can figure things out, what do you do, or more importantly, what do you not do? You don't shovel your ideas down people's throat, you don't make decisions without input, you don't shower people with praise because they do what you want. 

Instead, when you give people a chance to weigh in on an important decision, you get all the buy in you need. 

If you are someone who always has to have all the answer and save the day- than step back and notice how this is impacting your workplace. Next, look for ways to solve problems with others ideas and not your own.


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