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How to Use Technology to Boost Morale

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Mon, Mar 16, 2015 @ 12:48 PM

motivational keynote speaker70 percent. This is the number people who are disengaged at work. Disengagement at work usually happens when you feel your contribution isn't recognized or doesn't matter.

Generally, the larger the organization the more disengaged people are.

If you have 10 people working with you, it's easy to see whose not pulling their weight. If you have 50 people, it's a lot harder.

Today's technology may be the answer to boost workplace morale. Technology has an ever fascinating ability to engage people. It does this by tracking activity, preferences and gives immediate feedback.

For instance, thousands of people use social networking sites;  yet for any individual user the experience is personalized and responsive to them. This is the same kind of engagement we starve for in the workplace.

Keynote speaker Mike Walsh was speaking for the Human Resources Professionals Association, January 22, 2015, where he suggested this disruptive technology has the power to change the way we work.

Cloud technology, (where all this information is stored) has the power to eliminate the transactional aspects of work and focus on strategy.

Technology can change productivity and be an invitation to think more strategically. It can increase workplace engagement.

The Cloud replaces paper shuffling and increases accessibility.

The keynote speaker compelled the audience to consider:

How good are you at persuading with data?

How do you use data to change decision making?

How are you using data to change culture?

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