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How to Understand Resilience

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Mon, Mar 14, 2016 @ 01:19 PM

resilience guest speakerIn a recent high school motivational speech, a 15 year old announced he's very resilient. After his speech, I told him that unless he's overcome great hurdles at a young age, he may be too young to know what resilience really is. 
In a sometimes cut throat business environment, resilience is the new sought after quality, yet remains mostly misunderstood. 
When people experience adversity, job loss, foreclosure, health issues, some people snap and others bounce back. Some buckle under pressure while others bend an accept.
The ability to endure in challenging times, makes you resilient. 
Why do some people bounce back and others don't?
Below are 3 qualities of resilient people:
1) they Boldly Accept ( Even Harsh) Reality. Acceptance is critical, as the  longer you deny what is, the harder it will be to endure. 
2) they Find Meaning in Difficult Times. When challenges arise, instead of letting them bring them down, they look for the meaning or lesson in it all.
3) they have an Uncanny Ability to Make it Work, given the cards they are dealt- they are resilient.
Resilient people resist the impulse to be a victim and complain. Instead of wallowing in anger or self pity, they mobilize and take action. They look for meaning in their misfortune and learn to focus on what does work in their lives. 
When disaster strikes, resilient people make the most of what they have, they search for innovative solutions and learn to improvise. 
Most people believe optimism is the key to survival, and it helps as long as it's grounded in reality. Eternal optimists may wear rose coloured glasses and end up denying reality. 
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