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How to Prepare a Powerpoint Presentation

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Fri, Apr 22, 2016 @ 06:22 PM

funny motivational speakerI very rarely use powerpoint in a speech, however I have seen some great motivational speakers effectively and seemlessly motivate with powerpoint.

Many guest speakers haphazardously pull together a powerpoint and it distracts from the content of the speech, instead of supporting it. Remember, people can read things on their own ( and at a much faster rate then you can speak), so the audience should not spend valuable speech time reading slides.

Most importantly, talk to the audience and don't read them slides.

I called some of my motivational speaker friends ( who use powerpoint effectively) and we came up with the following tips to create effective powerpoints:

Choose a Simple Background. Starbursts, bubbles and forests are distracting and annoying for the audience to stare at. Simple ( even plain white) is usually better. Don't detract from the speech with your slides.

Keep it Simple. Presentation Visual Aids must be simple and the print must be large enough that people in the back of the room (with poor vision) can read it.  Avoid Underlining or Outlining things. If it's important information, say so in the speech, not on the Screen.

Make it Readable. If the audience can't read your powerpoint, you've wasted there time and yours. Experts say use 32 Point Lettering and use a typeface like Helvetica, Arial or Century.

Delete Footnotes and Sources. Audiences will not write down your sources in the middle of a speech, this is all information that can be put on a website or handouts.

Don't Use Powerpoint as Crutch. Some guest speakers use Powerpoint slides as cue cards to remind them of what to say next. This leads to the speaker reading slides to the audience.

Avoid Videos. Due to poor hotel internet connections or slow computers, videos so often just don't work during the speech, leaving the guest speaker scrambling. Videos are cute and funny but again audiences can watch them from a laptop at home.

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