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How to Move from Ordinary to Extraordinary

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Mon, Dec 04, 2017 @ 03:53 PM

funny motivational speakersMinimize regrets and maximize enjoyment by striving for continual improvement.

Motivational speaker and thought leader Mark Sanborn author of the Potential Principle suggests that many people know how good they’ve become but don’t know how good they could be. 

His book suggests that people enjoy enough success that they begin to become complacent.  60 percent of people have a commitment to get better but only 30 percent have a plan. In his new book, Sanborn wants to help people bridge that gap. 

The funny motivational speaker suggests that everybody has an inner and outer life. Your inner life is your relationship with yourself. To me, this means your ability to understand, process and channel emotions and happiness to function in the outer world.

I found it interesting to discover that introverts have a stronger inner life, while extroverts have a stronger outer life. 

Most people have to draw a lot from the outside world but also have to draw a lot from ourselves. 

He recommends benchmarking your potential against what you're capable of, rather than against your accomplishments.

Also, getting better is how others evaluate you 

If you're not failing periodically, you're not reaching your potential. It’s easy to reach your goals when you have none. 

Be grateful for what you’ve accomplished but don’t be content with it.



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