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How to Mess with Difficult People

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Thu, May 28, 2015 @ 11:28 AM

conflict motivational speakerAre you locked in a pattern with someone that leaves you irritated, exhausted and annoyed?
It is likely their difficult behaviour is causing you a lot of stress, and they are doing this on purpose. 
Remember that difficult people are difficult because they get something out of it. It may be better shifts, preferred duties, less work, control, or they may just be avoided ( which they want).
The usual pattern is when someone is hard to get along with, people stop relying on them or are afraid to bother them. Thus, they control others and avoid challenges and work chores others have to face head on.
The first step to stop the destructive madness is to figure out why someone is difficult and stop putting up with it. When a person fails to get what he wants from his behaviour, his difficult ness will fade.  
Most people are programmed to believe the way we do things  or see things is the right way. We understand things best from our own perspective.  This means that people could be clueless to what you think is obvious.
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