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How to Hire People with the Right Fit for the Job

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Thu, Nov 16, 2017 @ 03:22 PM

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I recently watched HiringSmart guest speaker and Chief Visionary Officer at FitFirst Technologies, Tim Brennan give a compelling speech titled, Making it Work: If it Wasn’t for People, this Job Would be Easy! 

A researcher, Tim asserts that age is a weak predictor of behavior.  When it comes to hiring and retention, 70 percent of people are disengaged. 

The challenge when recruiting is the talent pool are those unemployed or disengaged in their current job. This doesn’t exactly call forward the cream of the crop. 

When hiring we usually rely heavily on a resume, Brennan argues this is a trailing indicator because it shows you a summary of experience after the fact. Instead, we should be looking at leading indicators. The best leading indicator is fit. 

Brennan’s research suggests that fit can be broken down into 4 aspects: 

Fit with your manager

Fit with the job ( skills, aptitude )

Fit with the team

Fit with the organization 


Tim’s organization, FitFirst Technologies uses predictive human analytics to help companies source out job candidates with the best fit. 

This intuitive survey technology rates potential hires to determine the fit with their manager, job, team, and the organization. 

When it costs upwards of $30k or more to recruit, train and groom a new employee, can you afford to hire someone that doesn’t fit?

Find out more about this innovative, intelligent software that can revolutionize your hiring practices by visiting www.fitfirsttechnologies.com


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