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How to Get Out of Work you Don't Want to Do

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Wed, Aug 31, 2016 @ 12:52 PM

funny motivational speakersHave you inherited random tasks at work that you just don't want to do? It may be that, at first, it just needed to be done- so you  jumped in.

After a few episodes like this though, people start to take it for granted, assuming this is your job function.

Complaining about the task may garner some sympathy, but will largely fall on deaf ears. Add to this, others probably don't want to do the work either, so they won't volunteer.

The quickest way to get out if this routine, is to just stop doing it. Most of the time, people will pay attention. If you stop taking out the trash, and it piles up in the corner, something will have to be done. Similarly, if you stop making the coffee, someone else (desperate for caffeine) will fill the role.

If you are fulfilling some role, it is not realistic to think others will rush to your aid. They won't, so stop doing it, or it will become your job forever.

Certain essential tasks ( like that relating to the safety or well being of others) would of course be exempt from this. When you stop doing the work, you make it everybody's business.

As a team, it's important to contribute to the whole. However, you may discover that the same people come forward over and over to "fix what's broken". This causes a strain on key players that will eventually suck them dry. The best teams are made of caring  people who are committed to the overall good of the team.

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