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New Tools to Express Yourself

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Wed, Nov 15, 2017 @ 02:05 PM


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 Being able to perform at your best when it matters the most is often bogged down by past fears and inhibitions. 

Fears take over from a pattern of past experiences, often starting in childhood. 

For some children, the best strategy to fit in is to be quiet. To speak up risks rejection or humiliation, so staying quiet is the best option. 

Thus, people have grown up reserved and quiet and never really expressed their voice. They don’t speak up and express their ideas and this holds them back.

Some people play scenarios of failure over and over in the head and makes actual performance much more difficult. The trouble is many people aren’t aware they are inflicting this stress on themselves. 

Have an Impact by Expressing Yourself

Enjoy expressing yourself without being perfect, we all worry about not being good enough, but according to who? The judge is only you.
Also, consider you can improve with a little support and awareness. 

As a motivational speaker, my voice is important. Currently, I am working with the Speak with Freedom Method to keep my voice in top shape. The program originally designed for singers is now developed for professional speakers. 

Female motivational speakers often have a higher voice that requires some training to support it.

Per Bristol helps singers, performers and motivational speakers to release restriction that holds them back. He suggests through this process, often a rush of new ideas comes forward. 

The voice is the most powerful tool you have for communication.

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