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How Leadership has to Evolve to Drive Innovative Teams

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Tue, Nov 15, 2016 @ 02:29 PM

Funny Motivational speakerA good leader is decisive, energetic and forward thinking. He walks into a room and tells his team the ideas, goals and objectives they will be focusing on. 

These have typically been the qualities of a great leader,  but only if you want to maintain the status quo. If that same leader assumed his team was smart, creative problem solvers, he would want to solicit there input regarding goals and objectives and empower them to solve front- line customer problems.

Responsive and innovative teams take the decision making power from the top and they spread it down throughout the team. Giving all team members the tools and ability to tap into there own innovation. To be responsive and adaptive, teams have to be customer centric. We need to focus our attention and resources on solving customer problems, not enforcing unresponsive rules.

Real time problem solving calls forward an innovative, action oriented team approach. Not the kind that looks at the rules and points fingers at people and out dated policy. Accountability and problem solving becomes a team approach, where we draw on the skills and experience of the whole team. It's not an opportunity to check job descriptions, point fingers at others and place blame.

Customer problems today are organic and evolving. Today, customers have so many more options and they expect problems to be solved much faster than ever before. It can become complicated when customers are empowered with tools ( and technology) that blur boundaries and raise expectations. Throw unresponsive rules at them and they will go elsewhere.


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