How Does a Motivational Speech Boost Morale?

Expressions-1.jpgA good motivational speech will temporarily inspire and prop people up. Yet, As stress continues to pile up back at work, the motivation will eventually fade. 
A key element that makes any speech motivating is positive energy and enthusiasm. The speaker is lending their buoyant positive attitude to lift the group up.
To be successful, the enthusiasm must be contagious. In many ways, the need for motivation is simply about balance. Throughout our day, we are continually bombarded by problems (customer complaints, cutbacks, limited resources) this can weigh you down. 
Over time, negativity can surround our problems and be a drag on morale. Left unmonitored, this workplace can turn toxic. It can only be reversed by adding more joy, celebration, humor and appreciation at work.
Gleeful, motivational moments serve to buffer negativity. However, motivation needs to be regular and consistent to have a lasting impact. Workplaces that suffer with low morale usually don't have enough positive messages to keep people engaged and happy. 
I recommend leaders deliver regular motivational speeches ( one on one and as a group)to keep spirits high. Focus the message on group accomplishment, the overall significance and meaning of the work, and moments to be proud of. Overall, bringing up a spirit of enthusiasm. 
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