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Erase Fear, Anxiety and Laziness

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Fri, Sep 09, 2016 @ 12:14 PM

motivational speakersStates of mind like fear, anxiety, laziness and phobias can be erased with the popular NLP stop method.

Joseph McClindon (the 3rd) shares this Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) tip on motivational speaker, Anthony Robbins, podcast.

Called an, Unresourceful Pattern Replacement Tool, this NLP Technique allows you to arrest the behaviour you don't want, and replace it with something better. I have used it many times and I find it effective.

The motivational technique is useful because undesirable patterns are often in control of our behaviours. Unless we do something about the fear and anxiety, it will continue to be in control.

The technique works by abruptly interrupting the negative pattern, this creates space and curiosity in your brain, and allows you to replace it with something else.

In short, you create the state you don't want, interrupt it, and replace it with something better.

McClindon outlines the following steps:

1) Force yourself to feel and experience the unresourceful pattern. In other words, purposefully feel depressed, stressed, bored, etc, (on purpose), and feel how bad it makes you feel.

2) Interrupt it. Take a deep breathe, shout, stop and jump to your feet

3) Replace this feeling with something better. Think of the desired state you want, remember doing something great, being confident, alive and motivated, and how that made you feel.

4) Celebrate or reward yourself to teach the nervous system to do it again

To get started, remember a time you were unstoppable and gently squeeze your fist and smile. Purposefully, cause yourself to feel good and squeeze your fist and say, yes.

Repeat this ten times.

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