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End of Life Activities

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Sun, Oct 19, 2014 @ 01:34 PM

People Together-10At the West Virginia Activity Professionals conference, Guest speaker Sarah Denaldo from Amedisys Hospice Care led a discussion of hospice activities to help transition loved ones from this world to the next.

Amedisys provides hospice care.

Hospice usually involves anyone at end of life or has less then 6 months to live. Pain control and helping seniors stay comfortable at this stage is the main part of the patient care plan.

Emotional, physical and spiritual care is included. Nurses for Amedisys have many tricks up their sleeve for pain control, including distraction.

Nurses offer reassurance for patient and their family. If a senior cannot get comfortable; they will help. This involves symptom management at home instead of going to the emergency room and hoping to be admitted.

Social workers with Amedisys connect patients and families with anything outside the scope of the resources that Amedisys provides. This may include resources such as finances, meals on wheels and more.

Many residents don't have visitors so just the social interaction can be valuable.
It is scary to have a stranger in your home, so this hospice care organization really works to create rapport and trust.

When the patient starts to decline if they have a good rapport with their caregiver it helps.
Only 40 percent of people eligible for hospice utilize it because everyone is scared of the word hospice. Nobody wants to face end of life.

Amedisys also manages wound care including cream, lotions, gloves, catheter changes, enemas and more.

I was a motivational speaker for healthcare activity professionals with the opening keynote speech, The Nerve to Serve...say Hello to Humor and Goodbye to Burnout!

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