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employee morale: If You Don't Care, they Won't Care

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Thu, Jan 21, 2016 @ 02:43 PM

guest speaker moraleWhen organizations treat people poorly, they will treat others the same in return. Morale, work ethic and customer service will take a sharp, downward slide.

In the dark halls of a low morale environment, employees develop a warped sense of entitlement. Many openly complain about feeling undervalued and start to feel owed something for sticking it out.

For organizations to show they care for their people, it usually means to show people that they matter. How do we show people they matter?

First and most importantly, recognize and work to eliminate what doesn't make people feel like they matter.

Any activity that makes people feel unappreciated, disregarded, disrespected, or treated like a commodity -will turn people away.  Employee ID numbers, generic recognition or rewards, broad rules that punish everyone and limit individual freedom and creativity, are all examples.

Show people you care by taking a genuine interest in them, especially their skills and opportunity for growth. Recognize someone's contribution and tie it to the greater good. Boost people up and show them small steps make a big impact.

Create an environment where people feel celebrated not tolerated.


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