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Elements of a Great Sales Speech that Closes Leads

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Mon, Jul 10, 2017 @ 02:03 PM

motivational speakerI recently attended a free public seminar put on by Dean Graziosi, author of Millionaire Success Habits.
A sucker for a good motivational speaker, I couldn't resist.

By the end of the speech, over half of the room signed up ( at approximately $1,000/ each) for the investment program they promote.

Given such a high success rate, here are the elements that I think made the sales speech successful:

1) Audience Interaction. The event was a free public seminar that enticed us to come by offering a free book and a meal. Thus, most people in the audience were skeptical. After all, why would someone give all this away, unless they wanted something in return ( our money)?
To warm up this cold audience the speaker used some interactive techniques. For instance, each audience member was wearing name tags, so he weaved through the crowd and called out people by name.

One of the turning points occurred when the motivational speaker interacted with a hairdresser in the audience. He asked her how many hours of training are required to get into the profession. Next, he cleverly undermined traditional financial advisors by showing how hairdressers train over 1400 hours and your typical finance consultant only needs upwards of 30 hours of training (and one simple course).
By engaging an audience member in the example, it brought the group around.

Finally, he regularly had audience members raise their hand to obvious questions ( i.e., how many people want to make more money?) He lightly poked fun at those that didn't raise their hand. Teasing people for not participating seemed to lighten up the tension.

2) Problem/ Solution Format. The motivational speaker described how most current investment strategies (  mutual funds, ETF's, etc.) underperform the market. In fact, most investments don't even keep up with inflation. With pretty insulting but real statistics, he painted the picture that the banks and financial advisor use our money to make money and we get poor returns.
Next, he got technical and showed us how their software trading platform uses four quick fundamentals to pick stocks at the right time ( fundamental analysis, technical analysis, inner circle, and valuation).
He gave us just enough information that we felt educated but not overwhelmed. Thus, even if we didn't buy the program, we had still learned something.
He also used realistic examples and real trades their company recently had made. The upside of each of these trades was conservative ( ie-they invested $600 and made $3000). If they were abusively high, he would have lost credibility.

3) Know the Audience. This was an American organization, and the audience is in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He did lightly poke fun at our weather and showed powerpoint photos of our prime minister.
He also converted everything to Canadian currency.

It was clear the motivational speaker had done this speech many times before, so he needed to make it personal and relevant to the group. Audiences all want to feel like they are unique and important- not given a slick, generic talk.

4) The Big Close. By far the most critical part of the success of the event was the final close. In the end, success depends on how many people enroll in the training program.
Here, the speaker built a cannot refuse offer that broke through audience resistance and got them excited to give their money. 
The proposal unfolded like this:
The Bonus Pack. The speaker physically held onto 15-20 ( bonus pack) folders and waived them at the audience from the front of the room. He created demand by suggesting limited quantities exist. 
The motivational speaker cleverly enticed the audience by loading up this irresistible deal.
By enrolling immediately, you get a Bonus Pack, which includes:
1) He waives the price of the seminar for a guest
2)He threw in a free home study course
3)He then discounted the tuition for the two people
4)Finally, he offered a 100 percent warranty, whereby if participants complete the course and have 15 trades in 90 days with the help of their investment software platform they will get a 100 percent refund.
Numbers don't lie; half the room jumped out of their seats to enroll. Thus, I would say it was a successful sales presentation. I did not sign up because I don't have time for the course and I don't want to be a millionaire ( kidding). 
What they didn't do so well is explain what this software is and why it works so well. 
If they're willing to give us our money back for completing the course and doing 15 trades, chances are most people don't make it this far.

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