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Checklist to Lighten Up this Holiday

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Fri, Nov 21, 2014 @ 03:52 PM

People Together-10The holiday season can bring a lot of stress; this month we will keep it fun and easy with reminders on how to lighten up. Enjoy.
Checklist for Lightening Up
Ask these questions -
Is it really worth getting upset over?
Is it really your problem?
Is it worth upsetting others?
Is the situation in your control?
Is it that important?
Is it that bad?
Is the situation irreparable?
Read the Inspiration Poem: The Upside of Down
Humor Assessment of Others...
1. What clues have they given that indicate they
are receptive to humor?
2. Do they attempt to share humor with staff,
family or others?
3. What is the individuals ability to perceive &
understand humor?
4. How do they use humor?
5. If you share humor will it be perceived as helpful or annoying?
• Realize that a sense of humor is deeper
than laughter & more satisfying than
Watch humorous motivational speaker Matt Farley takes on Utube!

• It is more important to have fun than to
be funny!
• Only laugh WITH others – not AT others
More tips to lighten up at, by Humorous Motivational Speaker Jody Urquhart

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