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A Study on Embracing Change

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Mon, Jun 24, 2013 @ 01:02 PM

inspirational speakerI was a motivational speaker for an Emergency Medical Services (EMS) conference where I learned that most injuries from falls are the result of attempts to resist falling.

For instance, people will extend their arms to avoid falling on their faces and end up breaking their wrists. A guest speaker for the EMS conference suggested the better way to go is to pull your limbs in and let your torso take the impact. The net result is that you may end up bruised but your bones will stay in tact.

The attempt to throw out a limb to resist falling is based on fear and resistance. This is true about any instance when people feel threatened, we respond with resistance instead of agility.

Instead of resisting circumstances, it is far better to trust that you can handle the situations and absorb the impact. I think of this as living in a state of readiness.

Here you focus on solutions rather than bemoaning circumstances. I was a motivational speaker for a healthcare company once where they were going through a lot of change. After an inspirational speech on the virtues of change, we did a facilitation where we came up with dozens of ways they could adjust to change. This shifted the focus from bemoaning reasons why they shouldn't have to change to solutions.

With all change, once you embraced your circumstances and became accountable, results and productivity improve.

When people stop playing the victim and wishing for a different reality, they finally start to evolve.

As a motivational speaker, one of the techniques I suggest to help embrace change is to mentally reframe the situation in a positive way. Reframing takes away the self-imposed contributing factors to stress.

For instance, if you find new policies on paperwork annoying think of it as an opportunity to work on patience.

If you find a colleague is overly demanding and critical, think of it as an opportunity to practice the courage to maintain civil conversation with difficult people.

I present these activities in an inspirational speech on change and people find that over time they evolve to seeing thing in a more flexible, resilient way. It does take time and practice to change mind sets, but the results and improved vitality are worth it.

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