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Poor Health Habits affect Quality of Life

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Wed, Jun 19, 2013 @ 10:35 AM

motivational speaker for transporationA couple weeks ago I was a motivational speaker for a transportation event where I ran into an old acquaintance of mine.

It took a couple glances to recognize her, she looked drastically different than I remember.

The years had been hard on her and she was worn and very wrinkled. She later explained that over the years she took in a lot of hours in the sun. She joked that they did not know back than how unforgiving the sun can be. She explained how she has religiously baked in the sun for hours.

She is also a heavy smoker and her voice is crackly, deep, borderline sexy. To top it off she had spent years eating candy bars and ice cream which were settled right around her core.

Seeing this woman served as a painful reminder of how important it is to diligently watch what you eat, watch your sun exposure and other unhealthy habits.

Years of neglecting your health affects not only quantity of life but quality of life. Ailing health robs families of wonderful memories, it robs organizations of healthy vibrant employees. Poor health habits have the power to wipe people out financially, drain their vitality and render them unable to enjoy life.

And yet the average American is overweight, unaware of the onslaught of health conditions like diabetes, heart disease, gout and more they will battle with. Worse, they seem unaware of all the healthy life experiences they will miss.

Health and Wellness should be priorities for families, professionals, organizations, government and more.

As a motivational speaker for the transporation event, I stayed and listened to the other guest speakers. Looking around the room, I noticed most people let themselves go after they reach 40 and the years of neglecting their health also starts to catch up.

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