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Facebook helps Small Business Grow

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Fri, Aug 23, 2013 @ 01:18 PM

motivational keynote speakerI was late to join the facebook rage. I was too lazy to put forward the effort to understand the technology, let alone integrate it. In doing so I found I had to forfeit my right to complain about or tout the technology.

Like it or not, I was forced to live with the outcomes- like not being included in events, parties and get togethers, not being noted or recognized in online photo albums ( this was ok by me)  and overall missing out on interaction, dialogue and updates from friends and family.

I finally joined facebook because as a motivational keynote speaker I always get people asking me to " friend" them. Not really knowing what this meant, I had to do some research. Eventually I set up a very basic account and friends slowly started to build. Years later I started to regularly view updates from friends. From this online status browsing, I learned things I would have never known about people, especially far away relatives.

Relationships solidified and grew. Eventually I started to post updates on facebook and really enjoyed the dialogue that grew. I always prefer face to face communication but online communities can be very rewarding.

As a motivational keynote speaker I started to book small bits of business by updating where I am speaking(I am lazy I only do this from time to time) and clients book their events around these dates to save money. I love this because it means less travel.

After a motivational speech, people will often take photos and post them on facebook and tag me in them. From this interaction I have stayed in touch with clients which has led to referals.

I have passively used facebook to help me build my motivational speaking business and the results have been good. Some motivational keynote speakers use it far more aggressively to drive customer engagement, to encourage people to "like" their page to drive traffic, to connect with people, stay in touch and more.

I have seen several motivational speeches about utilizing facebook to grow your business and it seems like for a small buisness it may be necessary to survive.



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