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Technology has Gone Mainstream

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Tue, May 28, 2013 @ 03:00 PM

guest speakerLast week I had the pleasure of watching Duncan Stewart,  a guest speaker at the DPI event, deliver his speech, Technology has Gone Mainstream.

The engaging guest speaker illustrated several technology trends for the future:

  • Solid state drives installed in laptops have the advantage of being small, light and thin. The reduced storage capacity is stored through cloud technology. 92% of all original data is from a traditional personal computer and not from an Ipad or other device.
  •  The future of tv...voice and gesture remote controls have gained some popularity. The average number of times per year a person hits a button on his tv remote control is 10,000. However, error rates for this technology are exceedingly high, so the guest speaker does not see a lot of growth in this in the future.
  • The guest speaker talked about the cord cutting phenomenon where 40% of north americans don't pay for cable. Instead of tuning in to traditional tv, they use Netflix and iTunes to download the shows they want to see. The sobering fact is that young professional people don't watch tv while older, less educated people do.
  • Touch screen laptops will not enjoy huge success. The type and swipe movement is tedious and reminds us of the old mechanical typewriter.
  • Wearable computers like google glasses may become much more mainstream. These internet connected, wearable computing devices allow you to take pictures, record what you see, get directions, send messages, ask questions and more- all by voice command, hands free. The challenge with the technology is that it is transparent, so you often can't read it well, for now it is very expensive ( upwards of $1500 a pair),  and still has privacy issues.  Safety while using the device is questionable (for instance wearing them while driving). A study also reveals that people are actually willing to pay ALOT to not wear glasses.
  • The Phablet is a class of smart phones with a smaller screen size ranging 5 to 6.9 inchs. The biggest challenge with this technology is it relatively large and awkward to use as a phone. However, they will be popular because many younger generations prefer to text and Instant Message versus use the phone.
  • The end of password only security. Duncan suggests that any password system is unsecured today. Security technologies will become more mainstream. Fingerprint technology, photo recognition and chips on devices built into your phone will help make all transactions more secure.

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