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Making Innovation Intentional

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Wed, Jun 05, 2013 @ 12:58 PM

innovation guest speakerLast week I had the pleasure of watching innovation guest speaker George Watt give his motivational speech, Making Innovation Intentional.

The guest speaker shared these 5 pillars to Innovation:

  1. Capture it. Innovation will happen when you least expect. One of the best campaigns George witnessed evolved from a joke. If you don't capture good ideas they will be wasted.
  2. Don't kill it. Nurture innovations first responders or front line professionals who are usually closest to the problem.
  3. Seek it with intent. Innovation does not have to involve invention. For example, the asprin is often used to reduce the risk of heart attack, yet it was not made for that purpose.
  4. Nurture it. The innovation guest speaker talked about two innovation crushers 1. the innovative authoritarian- who will only accept innovation if it's their idea and 2. the protector- who will make sure any new idea can't fail so will crush it before it has a hope.
  5. Share it

Throughout his motivational speech, George divulged several things that get in the way fostering creativity and innovation.

Check out the innovation guest speakers new book, The Innovative CEO ( photo above) at Amazon.com

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