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From Manipulation to Temper Tantrums: Disruptive Emotions at Work

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Mon, Oct 07, 2013 @ 12:40 PM

motivational speakerIt happens to all of us. Emotions crowd the mind, slowly bubbling outwards to disrupt our jobs. Be it fear, rage, jealousy, competition, defensiveness, or other feelings, emotions dwell with us in the workplace. Below are samplings of familiar scenarios:
•     Employees who occasionally burst into fits of rage.
•     Employees devoid of all feelings and emotionally detached.
•     Competitive employees, who withhold information, exaggerate results and cheat others in order to look good.
•     Employees who demand attention and recognition even for mediocre results.
•     Control freaks or manipulators who deceive others to gain the upper hand
  • Gossip
Do any of these symptoms sound familiar in your workplace? As a motivational speaker I hear about these behaviours and even worse and wonder how people actually get the job done.
I was a motivational speaker for a healthcare organization last week where some of these behaviours were drastically affecting performance. We took the time to define what appropriate and inappropriate behaviour is so that we can set some standards.
If gossip is a regular occurance, it becomes a part of the culture. During the motivational speech, one employee said that the only way we hear what is going on around here is through gossip. Here communication is obviously a problem as well.
The other motivational speaker for the healthcare organization presented a motivational speech on how to deal with manipulation.

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