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Motivational Speaker for Marana Health care

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Mon, May 20, 2013 @ 04:59 PM

motivational speaker for health clinicOn March 19, 2013,  I was a motivational speaker for a health clinic in Tucson Arizona. The clinic is spread across the valley and serves over 800 patients per year.

There is a main clinic and 11 other ancillary clinics.

Some of the challenges the clinics have is with turnover and provider satisfaction. Most providers are either nurse practitioners or doctors and they see an average of about 20 patients per day.

Like many healthcare environments; administrators are responsible for HR, scheduling and finance functions. However they are not actively involved in day to day patient care. Being removed from the daily clinic and patient care scenerios, they can't keep an acurate pulse on what is going on.

Having no control over patient scheduling has caused some providers to leave because they cannot provide the care they know patients deserve given the time and resources they have.

With the help of a new vivacious medical director, Marana is headed in a new and more positive direction.

At the outset of the motivational speech, providers needed the opportunity to get to know each other face to face. They work in different clinics and because of turnover some providers have never actually met before yet must make referals to each other.

Following this icebreaker we discussed what providers need to feel better supported by management. Some of the requests were more communication with management, better control over scheduling and more.

Mixed in with this interaction I presented the motivational speech, The Nerve to Serve and I love my Job, its the People I can't Stand!

I enjoyed being a motivational speaker for the health clinic. It was a very interactive motivational speech and the audience was eager to vent.

We were able to uncover some simple changes that can make a big difference and some bigger challenges that will take longer to implement.

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