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Inspirational Speaker for Pharmacists' Association of Saskatchewan

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Mon, Apr 15, 2013 @ 01:43 PM

inspirational speaker for pharmacistsOn May 4, 2013,  I am an Inspirational Speaker for Pharmacists' Association of Saskatchewan.

The event held at the Elk Ridge Resort in Waskesiu,sk will host over 200 pharmacists from around saskatchewan.

Most of the attendees will hail from community pharmacies and the remainder will be from hospital pharmacies and vendors.

Community pharmacists, who are usually independent business owners, in Saskatchewan are going through a lot of change. The government has passed new legislation that mandates pharmacists to provide more clinical services. Clinical Services entail things like listening to patient health concerns and discussing lifestyle changes.

Pharmacists spend time administering insurance plans and third party payors. When patients are rejected they get frustrated. It is time consuming administering private plans; some plans won't cover a medication unless it's generic which requires the patient to go back to their doctor to be re-prescribed.

Community pharmacists have suffered from drastically reduced generic pricing, so they are left scrambling looking for innovative ways to make money. Thus their whole profit model has changed where pharmacists are forced to use clinical knowledge ( and get paid for it) and not get paid as well for dispensing. Some pharmacists have not used these clinical skills for some time which creates uncertainty.

The decrease in cost for generic medications can mean a 35- 40% cut to the bottom line for a small community pharmacist.

In March 2010, saskatchewan passed legislation that gave pharmacists perscribing rights for minor ailments. This increase scope of practice along with changes to generic drug plans has created great change.

Pharmacists operate in a retail environment where customers don't make appointments, have varying ailments, and some may just be good at monopolizing time.

Also challenging is PIP ( Pharmacy Information Program) the provincial registry for every patient is now being integrated with local vendor software, which can mean checking and double checking multiple databases for accuracy.

Change taking place in a hospital pharmacy environment involved Medical Reconciliation, which still has some kinks to iron out and is far from a perfect process. Ideally every patient has to be discharged with a full medical record, hospitals are already strapped for resources and it makes it very difficult to comply.

My motivational speech, This would be Funny if it wasn't Happening to Me! will address some of the challenges and evolution in the industry from a humorous perspective.

I will also present a break out session, the motivational speech, I Love My Job, it's the People I can't Stand!

I look forward to being Inspirational Speaker for Pharmacists' Association of Saskatchewan.


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