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Fun at Work: Not an Add- On but a Necessity

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Mon, May 06, 2013 @ 11:24 AM

fun at work speakerHaving fun at work is not an add- on or a perk that we consider from time to time to boost morale. Instead,  its an integral way of being while at work. Many people are taught that having fun is something we do when all the work is over. Yet fun shouldn't be earned by hard work but is the zest that helps get the job done.

Reintegrate fun into your work because it is so good for you in terms of wellness, productivity and vitality while on the job.

Take the most boring element of your job and make it fun. Routines are a natural playground for the frivilous. If you are already very skilled at a routine activity, spice it up and add energy by adding some playfulness to the routine.  A good example? Make up a funny rhymn to illustrate how you feel about the activity Or make a fun competition out of completing routine tasks.

Laugh at Yourself. One of my favorite ways to lighten up is to poke fun at myself. If you are feeling very dour or serious about something, take this attitude and laugh at it. Release energy and stress relevant to how you perceive what is stressing you out. This will help you create a more positive, detached and yet balanced perspective.

Take on a playful attitude about your work. Imagine if you took something stressful ( hmm tax time) and thought of it in a playful way. You may be hard pressed to come up with playful ways to look at stressful things but this activity will strengthen you ability to see the levity in the ludacious. The best way to make something playful is to look at it in a ridiculous, over the top and unexpected way.

Make the workplace fun. A little bit of bright paint, colorful playful staff photos, games and more go a long way to keep fun at work.

When I was a motivational speaker for a group of healthcare employees; I immediately saw they had a real comradre and rapport at work. Looking around the workplace, it was fun and bright. There were brag boards and you would regularily withness employees playfully making fun of themselves.

Nobody wants to be annoyed and upset; so lighten up instead.

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