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Antidote to Apathy

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Wed, Mar 27, 2013 @ 01:36 PM

guest speakerI recently watched a compelling TedTv motivational speech that illustrated the theory that   so many people are apathetic and seem like they just don't care, and it may be because although genuine, substantial change is possible, it's far from simple.  Societal barriers get in the way of real engagement and participation.

In his Ted Tv motivational speech, Dave Meslin would argue that people do care but we live in a world that actively encourages disengagement. Below are the 7 things that create public apathy and disengagement:

1) City Hall. The guest speaker shows a poster produced by Toronto city hall asking citizens to get involved in meaningful volunteer opportunities. The guest speaker illustrates how the call to action is meaningless and small, seeming like more of a threat than an opportunity.

2) Public Space. Whoever has the most money gets the most voice. The images we are bombarded with daily belong to brand name capital organizations not volunteer public institutions.

3) Media. Newspapers, TV and and other media talk about stories that encourage disengagement. Reporters quote the negative drama versus the good news stories in our communities.  Further, those stories carry no real information, no follow up is provided, and no contact information is given.

4) Heroes. Most stories, news features movies and plays feature one person who saves the world. Heroic effort is more often a collective effort that is imperfect and doesn't start and end suddenly with a single hero.

5) Political Parties. Politician rely so heavily on market polling and market research and  on condeming the opponent instead of forging ahead with bold and unique ideas.

6) Charitable Status. Groups given charitable status in Canada are not allowed to do advocacy. The most passionate voices - those willing to back their beliefs with their bank accounts - are silenced.

7) Elections. The use of out dated systems is unfair.

Of course people are apathetic.  There are so many obstacles are in the way that it's pathetic.

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