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Posted by Jody Urquhart on Mon, Mar 25, 2013 @ 02:43 PM

hire a motivational speakerWorkshop leaders, guest speakers and motivational speakers want the opportunity to share, collaborate and exchange ideas by presenting a motivational speech at an industry conference.

Successful call for presentations will generate energy and excitement for their topic and speaking style. I recently filled out a proposal to be hired as a motivational speaker for a large human resources conference. I usually fill out about 15 calls for presentation a year, and I am hired as a motivational speaker as a result in about 3 to 5 of these proposals.

This morning I received a phone call follow up from the HR conference committee chair saying my proposal was not selected. She continued to explain the qualities of a successful proposal. Because they were all good reminders, I thought I would blog about her top recommendations.

A successful call for presentations entails:

  1. Very specific take away points, relevant to the audience. Clarify an overall purpose designed around specific objectives and outcomes that relate to the specific audience. I believe a motivational speech should have one compelling message that every other point should relate to and reinforce.
  2. Novelty. If the topic, subject or speaker style is unique it will get noticed and help the conference committee make their selections in order to make their conference stand out.
  3. Editing. This is one area where my proposal to be a motivational speaker was quite weak. I had grammar and spelling errors throughout that the committee felt distracted from their ability to consider its content. 

I usually get hired as a motivational speaker when people see me speak, so I don't often rely on the call for presentation to fill my calendar. Of the three criteria above, I think novelty would be the most important. Considering that conference committees wade through hundreds of call for presentations before they hire a motivational speaker, you really have to stand out.

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