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Posted by Jody Urquhart on Tue, Mar 19, 2013 @ 11:56 AM

motivational keynote speakerI was a motivational keynote speaker for a manufacturing company recently. While there, I attended a longer training session put on by another guest speaker, Rhoda Jennings. With her permission, here are some activities she used to personalize the staff appreciation event, to increase communication, and to engage the group:

  • Think of an inspirational quote, company motto or mission statement.
  • On index cards, put one word from the quote on each card
  • Break up the audience into groups (preferably the same number of  people per group as the number cards for each quote)
  • Hand out a card to each person in the group
  • Instruct the groups to move around to get the cards in the order that translates the motivational quote.
  • Give a time limit - and the first team to unscramble the quote wins!
  • Debrief the activity by having each team explain what the motivational quote means to their team. Also ask who provided leadership in this activity and how?

Activity Two

Blind Driver:

  • Have audience members partner up, one person is a driver and the other is the back seat driver
  • The driver stands in front with eyes closed and their arms out in front on an imaginary steering wheel in the 10 o'clock and 2 o'clock position.
  • The person behind (the back seat driver) instructs them to steer clear of obstacle with only verbal signals (stop, turn right, veer left, etc)
  • After a couple of minutes of driving, ask the drivers to open their eyes
  • The driver should tell the back seat driver what worked about their instruction and what could have been better.

Download other motivational keynote speaker speech activities here.

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