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Staff Appreciation Activity

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Fri, Mar 08, 2013 @ 01:27 PM

motivational speaker for corporate retreatsAs a motivational speaker for corporate retreats, I am often asked to facilitate a staff appreciation session. Here is one of the staff appreciation activities I would include in a motivational speech:

Think of four people that you work with closely. Next to each of their names, write down a few of the qualities that you appreciate about them.

Be as specific, honest, and authentic as you can possibly be. Once your list is ready, approach each person and ask them directly, “What qualities, traits, or behaviors do you believe I value in you?”

If you feel particularly brave, follow that question up with the real kicker: “What qualities do you value in yourself that you don’t feel are recognized and appreciated by me?

Brainstorm with the group, ask:  what troubles and criticism would disappear if a culture of appreciation permeated the corporate climate?

Appreciation has a profound impact. Many of us are starved of simple basic appreciation.

Praise creates a surge of energy that can be funneled into performance while criticism deflates people and may puncture their ego. Many people slip into silent criticism every day and a boost of motivation is what is needed to pull them out.

Love and appreciation may save your life. Researchers scanning emergency room data discovered that heart attack victims who arrived at the hospital with family or friends were three times more likely to survive than people who came in alone.

Being in community elevates your mood and this community for many people is their work.

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