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Motivational Speaking is the Key to Great Leadership

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Mon, Mar 04, 2013 @ 12:33 PM

motivational speakerI was a motivational keynote speaker for a corporate retreat recently where the audience was one of the most compliant and unified groups I have ever witnessed.

From the moment I walked in the room I noticed a quiet congruence. It was noticeable in the respectful nods of appreciation to each other.

In some corporate groups, there is an overall distraction, agitation or a generally overwhelmed disposition. This group displayed a settled, aware and united front.

I was so taken by their engagement with one another that I had to figure out what made them so close. When the morning's opening motivational keynote speaker stood up to speak, I could clearly see why this group was so united.

The dynamic keynote speaker was the organization's CEO. For the next hour he held the room spellbound with his charismatic motivational speech.

His motivational speaking style won over his listeners, constantly luring the audience to adopt his ideas and take action. It became clear why this group thought alike... they were motivated by the same principles that this man spoke about so capably.

Not only did he reinforce the value of a great motivational speech but he clearly reminded me that to be a great leader you have to be a good motivational speaker. The best way to compel and unify a distracted, overworked group of people is to speak up.

Standing up in front of the group and using your energy, stories and ideas to convey a message that brings the audience together, shows that you appreciate their efforts; it builds a vision for the future and is the best way to build congruence.

Leadership by title or authority is a thing of the past. Today's leaders have to constantly prove themselves. When a corporate culture is skeptical and constantly questions its leaders, very little direction and congruence can exist.  To pinpoint what an organization's morale is, the best place to look is the CEO.

The CEO who takes every opportunity to address his staff with enthusiasm and conviction will ultimately win them over.

Managers who hate to speak in public will learn that it is a necessary step to becoming a good leader. There is no better way to build a congruent and committed workforce than through a motivational speech.

Leaders at every level need to be skillful communicators.

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