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Motivational Speaker for Go Red for Women Events

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Tue, Feb 05, 2013 @ 05:01 PM

motivational speaker for womenOn February 6 and 13, 2013, I am a motivational keynote speaker for the Go Red for Women events in Texas, San Angelo (February 6) and Abilene (February 13).

Sponsored by the American Heart Association, each of these events will bring in over 500 women to celebrate women and raise funds for the American Heart Association. Heart disease, which doesn't get the press that breast cancer or some other issues get, is the #1 health threat for women.  Heart disease kills one in three women each year.

The Go Red for Women movement advocates for more research and education, noting that 80% of heart attacks can be treated, prevented and even ended if women know what puts them at risk and take action to fight it.

We can do our part by eating well, exercising, avoiding processed foods, increasing the fibre we eat, the water we drink, reducing stress and -big one!-quitting smoking!  Those simple steps will take usa long way to reducing our risk of heart disease.

Women are natural caretakers and tend to take on a lot of stress, often neglecting to take care of themselves as they are so wrapped up in caring for others. Scheduling Me Time, taming stress and taking time to invest in your health is critical for women and their wellbeing, and beneficial to yourself and to all those you support.

The Go Red for Women website has some incredibly valuable information on achieving and maintaining good health directly in support of their goal in advocating for women against heart disease.  One of the suggestions I culled from the website is to look at the nutritional labels on products and choose products that balancesugar with equivalent amounts of fiber for those times you must eat processed foods.


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