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Speaker for the Accreditation Bureau of Healthcare Education Schools

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Fri, Feb 01, 2013 @ 12:49 PM

motivational keynote speaker for healthcareOn February 14, 2013 (Valentines Day!) I will be a motivational keynote speaker for the Accreditation Bureau of Healthcare Education Schools (ABHES).

This is the second time I get to serve as a keynote speaker for this annual conference, a unique audience of high level leaders, administrators and owners of healthcare education schools.

Some of the unique sources of stress this group faces are:

Healthcare education school leaders always have their eyes on start dates or the date a program starts up. Start dates can happen every 4 to 6 weeks and the focus is on show rates (how many students show up), interviews, deposits and more. These metrics are very important for accreditation and the federal government.

ABHES Accreditation process is rigorous. Both job placement and student retention must be at 70% or higher. Each healthcare education facility must apply for and submit a self study to the accreditation bureau. ABHES performs visits for initial or renewal accreditation visits, or if there are changes in location or leadership where they send out a teams of auditors  to crawl all over the facility and assess the school based on predetermined criteria.

These visits involve a group led by a team leader with members to assess each program area. During the visit, program evaluators will view the class and survey the students, meet with faculty members and go through the syllabus and faculty records. The team leader will interview admissions, the president, administrative staff and more. Finally, they will write a report and do exit interviews.

Like many industries, healthcare education schools are highly regulated by the federal government. Over the last couple of years, some major changes have taken place like:

  • Banned incentive compensation. All employees are now paid a salary with zero commission incentives.
  • Gainful employment. This criteria requires all grads must be gainfully employed. Also student loans cannot be a large income drain and the proportion of loan to income is monitored.
  • 90/10 regulation. Requires institutions not have more than 90% tuition from government funding.

Is there any question about why this audience would benefit from a good motivational speaker?  Is there a need here for an inspirational speech?



My motivational speech for the ABHES conference is Daring to be Caring, How to Inspire a Committed and Engaged Workforce.

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