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How to Maximize your Conference Theme

Posted by Jody Urquhart on Fri, Jan 11, 2013 @ 01:32 PM

motivational keynote speakersYour conference theme is limited only by your imagination. A great event rolls smoothly around a central theme that is reinforced throughout the event.

Maximize your Conference Theme:

  • A great conference theme should be motivational and inspiring.... like Dare to be Great, energize or Count on Us
  • Many meeting planners chose a theme and forget about it. For a theme to have an impact it has to be incorporated into the event. The motivational keynote speakers, guest speakers and event MC need to know the theme and what it means to the event and the audience.
  • Create a logo and a color theme to enhance the theme.
  • Reinforce the theme with props. Decorate the conference ball room and workshop/ guest speakers rooms with colors and props that support the conference theme. For instance if your theme was african safari you could carry the african theme into facility rooms, badges, event registration forms and bags, etc. Conference volunteers could be outfitted with T shirts sporting the theme.
  • Special events and functions with after dinners speakers should support the theme. I was a motivational keynote speaker for a womens event where the theme was Divine Divas, the event was so entwined around the theme, you couldn't avoid it! It had a big impact as everything about the event, including rewards ( like the most Divine Service Professional) and recognition.

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